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Painfree Tattoo removal Colour & Black

Laser tattoo removal is very expensive, extremely painful and the results can be unsatisfactory, especially for coloured tattoos. If you have a white, yellow or pink design, these pigments cannot be removed because they are made out of plastic compounds that reflect laser beams.

Laser tattoo removal can cost you at least ten times as much as the tattoo itself. By contrast, removing your tattoo with our SMART BLTR Cream treatment will only cost you around 75 € for permanent makeup, 400 € for a tattoo in black ink and up to 450 € for colored tattoos.

A great invention to gently and effectively remove your unwanted tattoos.

The new SMART BLTR tattoo removal cream is simply brilliant… You will of course need to have some patience with this gentle treatment.

After a few weeks you will experience a significant lightening of the tattooed areas.

Within 3 to 12 months (depending on the type of tattoo) your unwanted design will disappear completely, without harming your skin or its natural pigments.


Your skin will look like new.


No patches or scarring


The ingredients in our cream can dissolve ALL color pigment