Painfree Tattoo removal Colour & Black



When the first results are visible naturally depends on several different factors, such as your skin type. The age of the tattoo, its quality and the number of colours used are also relevant. After a few weeks you will experience a significant lightening of the tattooed areas.

Within 3 to 12 months (depending on the type of tattoo) your unwanted design will disappear completely, without harming your skin or its natural pigments.


Your skin will look like new


No patches or scarring


The ingredients in our cream can dissolve ALL color pigments.

How does BLTR Cream work?

With a tattoo, pigments are injected under the skin and the colour gets into the bloodstream and is eaten by macrophages (white blood cells).

The BLTR Cream neutralizes tattooed color pigments under the skin.

Applying the BLTR Cream produces new macrophages in the skin and the macrophages filled with paint are transported away through the lymphatic system and finally eliminated. This makes the tattoo disappear gradually.
It makes no difference whether it is permanent make-up, black or coloured tattoos (white, yellow, green, pink).

How long does a dose of BLTR Cream last?

Approximately 10 applications are possible for a tattoo size of 10 square centimetres, corresponding to an application period of 8 weeks. This is a result of the economical dosage enabled by the handy dosing syringe. The BLTR Cream should always be applied thinly.

Why should BLTR Cream be applied at night?

The ingredients work better when they are not exposed to daylight. The cream does not contain a UV filter.

What should I have in mind when applying the cream?

BLTR Cream should be massaged into clean, dry skin for five minutes. The skin should not come into contact with water, disinfectants or other substances after application.

Can BLTR Cream be used on the face?

Only our BLTR Cream P (permanent makeup) can be used on the face.
Direct eye contact should be avoided.

What are the ingredients of the BLTR-Cream?

Standard recipes used for many years in cosmetic products serve as the basis for the cream. They are proven, stable and safe. One ingredient we developed ourselves has been added, which triggers the desired effects of the BLTR Cream.

Are there other products which contain Bisphosphonate Liposomal?

No. The ingredient and the extraction and potentization process is protected by us worldwide. This unique ingredient is used exclusively in BLTR Cream products.

Where are the BLTR Cream products produced?

BLTR Cream is produced in Canada and Switzerland.

How do I apply the BLTR Cream?

The BLTR Cream should be applied at night. Massage a small amount into the skin for 5 minutes. Always wait 6 days before the next application.

I have eczema, can I use BLTR Cream?

Sorry, BLTR cream is not suitable for those suffering from eczema.

Are there any allergic reactions to BLTR-Cream?

Individual sensitivities to individual ingredients may exist in general. Always do a patch test and wait 24 hours.

Has BLTR Cream been tested for effectiveness?

BLTR Cream was developed over a period of over 2 years and subjected to numerous tests. BLTR Cream is produced in compliance with the good manufacturing practice (GMP) guidelines for quality assurance.

What does BLTR Cream stand for?

Bisphosphonate Liposomal Tattoo Removal.

Can I apply the BLTR Cream in conjunction with other products?

No, ingredients from other products may adversely affect the success of the application.

Storage instructions and shelf-life
41-47 degrees °F (refrigerator) is the optimum storage temperature to ensure that the ingredients retain their efficacy. The storage life of the product is specific to each product and is printed on the container. BLTR Cream products should be kept out of reach of children and away from pets and animals.

How can retailers purchase BLTR products?

Please send us an email using the contact form and we will get back to you asap.